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With summer quickly approaching, college students are preparing to pack up their dorm rooms. The problem: driving a car’s worth of household items to Mom and Dad’s home just isn’t feasible. So what’s a college student to do? Renting a self-storage unit for the summer is a cost-effective way for college students to store all of their belongings. Check out some of our favorite storage tips for summer storage. Best of luck and happy moving!

What Size Unit
The majority of college students can get away with renting a 5×10.  This size unit is capable of holding a sofa or twin bed, clothes, as well as décor and smaller furnishings.

Pack Your Things Efficiently
Be strategic about packing even smaller items. For example, carefully roll or fold your winter clothing for storage. Don’t just toss those clothes in a box and figure you’ll deal with them at the end of the summer. Since you’re likely packing stuff from a dorm room, you don’t have to worry about sorting things by room when packing. Instead, sort them by category. That’ll help you find your stuff easier when you go to unpack in the fall. For instance, pack all your shoes in one box, then carefully label the box as shoes for an easier time identifying and sorting your things.

Consider Sharing a Storage Unit
Save some money. If you have friends from college that you trust, consider splitting a storage unit with them. Not only will save money, you could also help each other out on your moving days. You may simply each choose to have one side of the unit for your belongings or otherwise find a way to divide the space among those who are sharing it.

Clean Your Stuff

It’s a great idea to clean your dorm refrigerator, microwave or dishes before packing it in self-storage. Cleaning your items prevents mold and bacteria growth while they sit in the storage unit.

Pack Smart.

Pack your books in smaller boxes to prevent lifting large boxes and hurting your back. Hang heavy clothing or blankets in wardrobe boxes, and wrap delicate items like plates in paper to prevent chips and cracks during the move. Pack glasses, plates and dishes in bubble wrap or plain newsprint in sturdy cardboard boxes. Do NOT use regular newspapers as protection as it can leave a print residue on the items. Place heavier items at the bottom of the box and lighter objects at the top of the box. Place filler material between the pieces. Once the boxes are packed up to within an inch of the top, add filler material and then completely seal the boxes with packing tape before storing.

Label Everything

Write down the name of the contents on the side of the box with a permanent marker. Don’t use post-it notes; they just fall off and leave you clueless as to which box contains what you need.

Select The Right Lock

If you don’t know which lock to select for your storage unit, we have locks available for purchase and will make sure that you have exactly what you need.

Let Lincoln Self Storage help you by providing various sized units, helpful moving supplies, and guidance throughout the entire process.

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