What Not To Store

Self-storage is great for personal and business storage. Items such as appliances, furniture, business documents and inventory, family heirlooms, seasonal items and pharmaceutical supplies can all be stored in your unit, keeping your home or office clutter-free. Our variety of storage options will allow you the ability to store a variety of items, even up to boats and RVs and construction equipment. However, there are some things that can’t be stored.  Placing any of the items that are on the ‘DO NOT STORE LIST’ could get you fined or even arrested. Before you rent storage, make sure that you know about what items should not be stored your unit. This list will help you protect you as well as those around you.

Valuable Items- Items such as jewelry, coins (historical and collectible) and precious metals should not be stored in a self-storage unit. It’s better to keep these items safely in your home or at your bank in a safe deposit box. Don’t store cash.  Also, keep birth records, passports, social security and tax documents in a fire-safe box in your home, not your self-storage unit.

Plants and Living Items- Your storage unit is not a greenhouse, and plants cannot survive in an environment without oxygen or light. Storing them in your self-storage unit is prohibited. Obviously, self-storage is not a place to store animals or pets. Not only is this strictly prohibited. Plants and animals that are stored in self-storage will also lead to bugs and other vermin infestation.

Perishable Items- DO NOT STORE FOOD!! In the extreme conditions of a non-climate controlled storage unit, food can spoil quickly and invite unwanted bugs to your storage unit. Opened containers of spices, cereals, and other non-perishable items should not be stored in self-storage. Some canned items can survive in the extreme conditions, but it really isn’t advisable to store them in a self-storage unit.

Flammable or Combustible Materials-Do does not store fireworks, gas, oil, propane tanks, lamp or motor oil, weed killers, car batteries or paint and paint thinner in self-storage. Gasoline or propane can very easily ignite in an enclosed unit and put the entire facility at risk. That is why it is important to drain the fluids from lawn mowers and other outdoor equipment before putting them in self-storage. Also, any item in an aerosol can is extremely flammable and not allowed in your unit.

Scented or Wet Items– It’s not a great idea to store scented or damp items. As mentioned above, strong scents can easily attract pests, insects, rodents or vermin to investigate the source of the overwhelming odors. Trust us, you don’t want any living things crawling or flying around in your rental unit. Also, any items that are wet or damp will start producing mold, mildew and spread bacteria in your self-storage unit, and that will likely damage some, most or all of your prized possessions placed in temporary storage.

Toxic, Hazardous, Stolen or Illegal Substances- Do not store chemicals, fertilizers and every day cleaning products in self-storage. These items are very toxic and dangerous in extreme temperatures. They could cause a fire or chemical accident in your unit. We do not allow the storage of firearms, gunpowder, and ammunition. Even if the firearms are antique and no longer in working order, they could pose a dangerous threat. It should also go without saying that you should not store illegal or stolen items in your unit. Self-storage facilities are subject to searches, so illegal items will not be any safer there than they would be in your home. Check with your storage facility before you store to make sure you are storing items properly and are not storing a “banned” item.

For a complete list of items, please stop by our office and a member of our staff will be glad to help you.

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