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How many of you feel as though you have had all rooms of your home completely taken over by your kid’s toys? The toys are scattered everywhere! Their bedroom, living room, basement, kitchen and even your room! Sometimes you may feel like there is no hope, that with every passing holiday and birthday, more and more toys keep accumulating in your home. We all reach that breaking point when it comes down to just wanting to throw out all of their toys and it’s usually right after stepping on a few Lego pieces….and that HURTS!

The first step to tackling this problem is setting some ground rules. Have a talk with your kids and let them know that they have to start picking up after themselves. Make it a rule that whenever they pick up a toy, they have to put it back after they are done. If they don’t follow that rule, the toy gets taken away for one day. By setting those ground rules, it gives the kids something to follow.

The next step to tackling this is getting organized. Sit down with your kids and have them pick out toys they no longer play with. Get a garbage bag and sort out the toys as ones to donate, ones to put in your storage unit and ones to throw away. Once you have the remaining toy pile at a reasonable size, start thinking about other ways to keep it all organized.

There are many great ideas for staying organized is by using storage bins and bookshelves. Try keeping the storage in only two rooms of the house, such as their bedroom and living room. This should potentially limit the number of other rooms that will be affected by the toy clutter plague. Keep toys, games, stuffed animals etc. in specific bins so they are easier to find and put away.

We hope these tips help you combat the toy clutter plague!

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