Renting Moving Trucks

There are a lot of people moving around these days.  One part of that move could include the use of a moving truck. The process of moving home can be stressful. Anxiety can skyrocket with unreliable movers and expensive hourly rates. Rental trucks give you total control over the move, unlike hiring professionals. The pick-up and drop-off of the vehicle as well as choosing convenient times that work with your schedule is all under your control whether you are moving to a new suburb or across the country.

Call ahead to get a quote. Be sure to ask the following questions:

  • Size: What size trucks do you offer? How much does each one cost per day? If you’re doing a shorter-distance move, ask about hourly rates: this can save you money.
  • Gas: Is gas included? What type of fuel does the moving truck need? Do I need to refill the gas tank to its previous levels? If I don’t fill the gas tank before returning, will there be an additional refilling fee?
  • Returns: Do I need to return the moving truck rental to the same facility? Is there a fee for dropping off the truck in a different location?
  • Moving equipment: Do you provide additional moving equipment, such as dollies, padding materials, etc.?
  • Mile limits: Do you charge extra for additional mileage? Some rental agreements have designated mileage limits.
  • Last-minute changes: What is your cancellation policy? Is there a fee?

You may want to consider laying down a tarp to create a clean base. You may also want to have one or two people who stay in the truck to organize it while others bring the items to be loaded. When loading items that could shift or move around during the drive, make sure they are secured with straps or ropes. Fill in the spaces under tables or on top of hutches to maximize the use of space. Use large, soft items as protection for more fragile pieces. Avoid leaving space between boxes. If necessary, fill small spaces with wrapped up bedding or rugs, to keep boxes from shifting around. Remember to put the most immediately needed items in last to ensure they will be unpacked quickly and put into place. And, of course, if we can help you to store items until you are ready to move in or if your new space is a bit smaller than you need, give us a call. We make renting simple and easy.

Happy moving!!  

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