Storing Camera Equipment Safely

A good quality camera can last many years.  There’s no reason why your camera, accessories and equipment shouldn’t last you a long time if you store these items properly when not in use.

Even high-quality cameras and their equipment can become damaged if stored improperly. We’ve compiled a helpful list that will is recommended when storing your equipment.

Invest in a Camera Bag or Backpack

If you’re going to be out and about with your camera and equipment for shooting, it’s a good idea to invest in a good quality shoulder bag or backpack. Choose rainproof, padded and zippered enclosures for protection.

Storing at Home

If you like to keep your camera and gear at home, there are different ways to do this. One option is open shelving somewhere in your home, which is excellent for easy access to your camera and equipment. The area should be dry and free from potential dangers. Use caution if you have children or pets around. For more protection, utilize a closet or cabinet with shelves.

Stay Organized

One of the best ways to safely store your camera equipment and keep your items in good condition is to maintain these items by organizing them regularly. If you plan on storing away your gear for a long time, wipe down all accessories before putting them away. Keep your equipment organized so that things are less likely to end up damaged when taken out of storage.

Beware of Temperature Fluctuations

Temperature fluctuations and humid conditions are hazardous to most cameras and their accessories. Ensure that these items are not sitting out in front of the sun or humid environments without being protected.

Climate Controlled Storage

If you plan on storing your camera and equipment for some time in an offsite location, you need to make sure your storage unit is humidity and climate controlled. A climate-controlled storage unit will ensure your camera equipment stays in excellent condition, as there are no humidity or temperature fluctuations.

Remember to choose a storage facility with high security, as camera equipment can be pricey and hard to replace if stolen. If photography is your business, you should have insurance on these items to protect your investment.

Cameras and their equipment can be replaced, it is often costly to do so. Many of these items sell for thousands of dollars and aren’t something you can easily buy on a whim. Taking extra precautions will save you a lot of money on your investment.

Looking for a climate control unit?  Our state of the art facility is a perfect solution for your camera and equipment needs. Call Lincoln Self Storage at 704-735-6364 or contact us for more information.

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