Storing Batteries

It’s important to know the do’s and don’ts of storing them so you can prolong their life and make the most of your purchase. If you store batteries properly you can keep them from depleting too quickly and get the longest battery life.

Store your batteries at room temperature.

Extreme temperatures can damage batteries of all types. For the best results, store your batteries in a climate-controlled room without heat fluctuations. Heat can harm any type of battery and changing temperatures reduce battery performance. Cold temperatures can form condensation and erode batteries overtime.  Keep your batteries away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

 Dispose of them safely.

Before disposing of any battery, make sure you have a plan to do so safely. It used to be common knowledge that throwing batteries in household trash was illegal because batteries have the potential to cause fires as well as leak toxic chemicals that can get washed into groundwater. However, current law states that single use batteries can be disposed of in the regular trash. They are now made of common non-hazardous metals.

Don’t store your batteries in plastic bags.

Never store batteries in a plastic bag. If loose batteries contact each other, or if the terminals come into contact, this could cause the batteries to short-circuit. Remember, you never want the positive or negative ends of batteries to connect with each other as this could discharge the batteries.

Don’t mix old and new batteries together.

Older batteries could discharge into the newer ones, causing them to be ineffective or damaging both sets of cells. Warnings on leading battery brands advise against mixing old and new batteries due to the risk of rupture and leakage of toxic fluid.

Don’t mix batteries with metal.

Mixing batteries with metal can cause a short circuit which could damage the battery and the metal itself. Batteries and metal objects don’t mix as metal can overheat the battery cell.

Finally, storing batteries properly is essential for ensuring longevity and safe usage. By following these tips, you can extend the life of your batteries and prevent them from leaking or causing hazards.

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