Storage Tips For The Fall

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Spring isn’t the only season to get organized; autumn is a perfect time to de-clutter your home and get things in order for the colder months. As much as we try to keep things in order after the spring-cleaning season, there’s always a list of things to prepare for the next season. Soon the days will be getting shorter, now is a great time to use the extra time you have indoors to organize your home? To get you started, check out our favorite fall home preparation tips below. You can free up valuable storage space—both inside and out—and get set for a clutter-free winter.  

Swap Out the Seasonal Stuff

One simple way to free up closet space and dressers is to swap out your spring and summer wardrobe for fall and winter. Now is the time to take the opportunity to sort through your items, and decide if it’s time to give them away or store them for the next season.  Don’t forget the coat closet and the mudroom!   Storage Tip: Pack clothing away in plastic bins or containers to avoid dust, moisture, and bugs.

Organize Your Outdoor Living Area

There are a number of outdoor things that need your attention before the cold comes. Harsh weather can damage wood, wicker or aluminum, so pay extra attention to your porch, patio or deck furniture at summer’s end. A 10’x10’ unit is great for storing outdoor yards maintenance items – like garden tools, outdoor power equipment, and lawnmowers. These can take up valuable space in a garage that you might need for shovels, snow blowers, salt or other winter items.  Storage Tip: Clean before storing to prevent rust and damage. For added protection, we have climate-controlled units!

Your Car Wants the Garage Back

It’s common to turn to your garage for the storage of your summer items. A storage unit is a perfect place to store bikes, pool equipment, gardening tools, patio furniture. Having these items out of the way, you’ll save a significant amount of space for your car and other winter necessities. You can thank us later.  

Storage For All Seasons

Each season gives us an opportunity to reorganize our home and prepare for the next. While you can utilize a self-storage unit at any time of the year, the harsh weather of winter makes it especially important to protect your belongings and be prepared.

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