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Sometimes, smaller really is better for when it comes to organizing things around the house and office. With the right packing, you’d be amazed at how much you can really use 50 square feet of affordable, climate-controlled space. Check out our list that covers just a few of the things that fit in small storage spaces.

  1. Seasonal Items:  Free up some extra space in closets by moving seasonal clothes and bedding to climate-controlled self-storage.

2. Holiday Decorations: Keep your Christmas décor organized and easy to access when it comes time to decorate.

3. Catering: If you cater or only bring out extra dishes and silverware for big get-togethers, clear them out of crowded cabinets and keep them in self storage between special occasions.

5. Garage Sale Stuff: Getting ready for a yard sale? Some old things are just too good to throw away, so store them now, and turn them into cash later with a garage sale.

6. Favorite Hobbies: Use inexpensive shelving inside a small storage unit to organize hobby supplies that usually clutter up the dining room table.

7. Outdoor Gear: Reclaim car space in the garage by parking bikes, golf clubs, fishing tackle, and camping gear in your small storage unit.

8. Dorm Room: Students home between semesters can save room at the house with a short-term lease on a storage unit for books, bedding, and seasonal clothes.

9. Important Papers: Keep all of your tax documents, personal records, and other important paper documents in one convenient, climate-controlled unit.

10. Business Office Supplies: A small storage unit is the perfect size for holding extra business supplies, and it’s much more affordable than commercial square footage.

Little loads headed to storage deserve just as much care as big hauls, and that’s what we provide with a great selection of smaller storage units. Call or come by today to enjoy the best there is in self storage.

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