Sharing a Storage Unit

Storage units come in handy during various life situations, such as moving, downsizing, remodeling, or organizing. Sharing a storage unit is a good idea for those on a tight budget, families or roommates.  While sharing a unit with someone else may seem like an attractive choice, it has its pros and cons. Given the pros and cons of shared storage, make sure you follow these best practices to create a smooth experience for everyone.

Benefits of Sharing Storage

The most obvious benefit of dividing a storage unit with a trusted friend or a family member is having a lower rent. With so many benefits, renting a storage unit is a terrific choice for students, and sharing it with a trusted friend or roommate is even better. Sometimes you may have items to store, but not so many that you’ll need an entire unit to yourself. This is one situation where sharing the storage space could be a good idea.

Drawbacks of a Shared Storage Unit

Sharing rent and talking expenses can create a strain on relationships. In the worst-case scenario, your partner may skip their share of the monthly rent. This could cause you to break the terms of the agreement.  Since your friend has access to the unit, you don’t have total control over who enters the storage unit or what he/she may store inside. Therefore, you must be cautious of what is being stored and who has access.

Set Up a Payment Plan

When friends rent storage together, there’s a temptation to keep things casual. But this can lead to trouble when it comes to paying the rent. It’s important to come to a mutual agreement and decide on a 50-50 split of the rent.

Divide the Storage Space

Drawing up boundaries before you and your partner store boxes ensures fair and equal allocation of storage space. Lay down a line of painter’s tape on the floor, dividing the space in half. This simple solution creates two separate areas, so you both know where exactly to place your items.

Work Together to Keep the Unit Clean

A well-organized space makes it easy to retrieve items and ensures that both renters are happy when they drop by the storage unit. Take turns checking the unit on occasion to make sure the items are clean, dry and free of dirt and food particles.  

Sharing a storage unit is a great way to save a few extra dollars and declutter without breaking the bank. With a few simple steps to keep in mind, you can have a good experience in sharing a storage unit.

Here at Lincoln Self Storage, we offer a variety of sizes and options to cater to your storage needs. See our size guide to help determine how much space you need. Call or visit today to secure a unit.

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