Selling on Facebook Marketplace

If you find yourself wanting to get rid of stuff, selling on Facebook Marketplace can be a great tool and a great way to make some extra cash!

Ready? Select the Marketplace icon on your phone or desktop. Select the “Sell” tab and create your listing. Remember, the description can make or break your success on the platform. This applies to both words you use and the images you take.

To help boost your item, use accurate and compelling keywords. Use brand names if possible in both your title and description. Detail and accuracy are key. List height, width and length.

Take multiple photos so potential buyers can see all the angles, and be sure to document any marks or flaws on the item.

Staging the item helps. However, keep it simple. Put books, a candle or flowers nearby. If you make anything look like it’s well loved and well put together, you can probably sell anything!

As for the tricky business of pricing, ask yourself these questions to nail down an accurate number:

  • How much did I pay for it (if purchased new/retail)?
  • Is this in good condition, any major flaws?
  • How much do I think this is worth?
  • How much are similar items going for?
  • Is the item vintage or antique?

Not selling? It can be worthwhile to wait a bit and repost the item before dropping the price.

When you get an offer, good communication can make all the difference to ensure both parties have a successful transaction. Be straightforward and clear about other offers, and respond quickly to a buyer’s questions.

With positive interactions and accurate descriptions, you can cultivate a 5-star rating, which can encourage people to buy your items since they’ll have the comfort of knowing they’re going to get a great item and good experience.

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