Preparing For Your Home A Baby?

It’s an exciting time to think about what life will be like with your new baby. Don’t forget to think about the space in your home and if they’re ready for you and your little one. Part of preparing your home for your baby could mean reorganizing your bedroom and other spaces.

Create Organization Stations

Organization baby stations help you get your supplies organized before the baby arrives. These stations can be utilized everywhere, including where you plan to feed them, where you might rock them to sleep, or where you change them. They’re great tools as they help you focus on caring for your baby instead of constantly searching for supplies. Consider these stations for your home:

  • Nursing – whether it’s a basket or rolling cart, keep your nursing and pumping supplies in here, along with a phone charger, a book, and snacks and drinks for you.
  • Bottle and formula – this can go in the kitchen and should include bottles, different nipples and tops, formula, as well as supplies for washing bottles.
  • Diapers and wipes – having multiple diaper stations around your house (and in your car) will make changing easy and convenient.

Babyproof Early

Babyproofing helps to protect your child, and it’s never too early to start babyproofing your home. For newborns, you should follow sleep safety standards and turn down the heat on your water heater to avoid any bath scalds. When they start moving, you’ll likely have to use some devices around the house to protect your little one. Consider using:

  • Locks – for drawers and cupboards.
  • Safety latches – to safely latch doors, freezer doors, cabinets, and toilets.
  • Anchors – applying anchors to bigger furniture pieces like bookshelves and dressers help prevent your baby from accidentally pulling them down onto them.
  • Knob covers – these help prevent your baby from turning door knobs
  • Outlet covers – outlet covers and plugs protect against electrical sockets not in use.

Clear Away Clutter

Newborns come with so much stuff. Even the tidiest homes can become cluttered with the crib, changing mats, toys, bottles, and clothes. Before they arrive, spend some time decluttering your home. You may find you’ve been holding onto things you don’t need or don’t want anymore.

Rent a Storage Unit

Not only will you need a space to keep some of your decluttered belongings, but babies grow fast, and you might want to save some of their items for a future baby. In these cases, a self-storage unit is a perfect solution. A storage unit can get extra items out of your living spaces and keep everything in excellent condition for when you need them later.

If you’re a new parent, don’t let clutter get in the way of this special time. Lincoln Self Storage is here to help. We have a variety of storage unit sizes available, so no matter how much you need to store, we have the space. We are your go-to storage provider for Lincolnton.

Happy nesting!

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