Preparing For Unexpected Guest

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We all love having friends and family come to visit, and when they’re going to be staying for several days, they usually give you enough time to prepare. However, there are times when people give you very short notice, or their circumstances change and they need to stay with you for a few days. We understand how hard it can be to get the house ready at a moment’s notice, but with the right self storage options, you’ll be ready!

Be Guest Room Ready~

While you may use the guest room for other purposes, such as a home office, it’s good to keep it ready for anyone who may need to stay. Make sure it’s free of clutter, and always check to see that fresh sheets and blankets are on the bed. If there’s a bunch of stuff in the closet, then move some things out and put them into storage so that guests have somewhere to hang clothes and put their suitcases.

Have Freezer Meals~

One of the biggest challenges of having unexpected company is feeding everyone. You might have a well-stocked pantry, but when a friend or relative comes by, you don’t want to spend the entire evening making a meal. Your guest may not even be staying the night, but you want to make sure they’re fed while they’re in your home.

Having some ready-made meals in the freezer can make life much easier when you have company. You can prepare these meals at the beginning of each month, and have them on hand whenever there’s going to be another person at the dinner table. If guests will be staying the night, don’t forget a few breakfast options.

A Welcoming Home~

Even though unexpected company can be somewhat of an inconvenience for you and your family, you want your home to feel welcoming at all times. By having the guest room ready, keeping the driveway clear, and planning extra meals, you can be prepared for anyone who shows up at your door. If there are things that could be stored somewhere besides the closets or the garage, then let Lincoln Self Storage help you find the perfect solution for the space you may need.

We’ve got several unit options to choose from, you can find the size and price that fits your needs. If you have questions about our services, then please don’t hesitate to ask one of our staff members. We’re always happy to help however they can, and they can provide the information you need to make the best decision for your belongings.

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