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Are you moving soon or know someone who is? They say the average person in the United States moves 11.4 times in his or her lifetime. Get a container and fill it full of packing supplies. Moving can be very overwhelming, but having the right supplies and a little planning can make your transition much easier.

Scissors – More than likely you will already have a pair of scissors at your house.
Box Cutter – We recommend a box cutter. It’s easier and safer to cut boxes, and you will also need it to break down the boxes once you unpack at your new house.

Packing Tape – Heavy duty tape is a must! You want shipping packing tape that will provide excellent holding power and a strong seal on all your boxes. Plan on buying at least several rolls, depending on how much you have to pack. It also helps if you buy packing tape with a dispenser. There is nothing worse than fighting with a roll of tape while you’re trying to pack.

Packing Peanuts & Bubble Wrap – Packing peanuts help prevent shifting of items while in the box. They are great to use with electronics and many other items. Bubble wrap works well for many breakable items. You can also make use of old blankets, pillows, and towels!

Sharpie – We recommend purchasing several of these to write on boxes in case you lose one or have several family members that need to use them.

Sticker Labels – Some people write directly on the box when they label, but color-coded labels make things much easier to find. FRAGILE stickers are also great to use to distinguish which items to use extra care with when moving.

Plastic Baggies — As you disassemble furniture, put screws, bolts, or washers in small plastic bags, then label the bag so you know what the hardware goes to. Keep all these bags in one convenient place so you can quickly find the hardware you need when it’s time to reassemble. Snack- or sandwich-sized bags work best for this. You can also use gallon-sized bags to hold cords and cables. As you pack your entertainment center, for example, put your console cords in one bag and your receiver cables in another. As always, don’t forget to label.

Garbage Bags — Keep plenty of garbage bags on hand as you move. Use them to throw away trash or pack last-minute items. (They’re great for protecting pillows, for example.) Plus, if you have extras, they won’t go to waste. You can use your garbage bags at your new place.
Lincoln Self Storage also carries a wide variety of moving and packing supplies. No need to worry about protecting your mattresses either. We’ve got you covered. We have king size mattress bags, queen mattress bags and vacuum mattress bags.

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