Organizing Your Mudroom

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Organizing Your Mudroom

No matter what season it is, keeping your mudroom clutter-free can be a daunting task. In the snowy months, snow accessories take up a ton of space. Keeping the floors clean and dry can be especially challenging. While the change in the seasons is certainly welcome, it also means the start of spring and summer sports which can leave your mudroom looking a bit more like a locker room. These few organizing tips will help you focus on your mudroom and get the most use out of your space.

Make seasonal swaps to save space.

Even if you have a large back hall closet, things can get cluttered and lost quickly. There is nothing worse than opening your closet door and having the rack so jam-packed that you can’t even slide the coat hangers to find what you are looking for. 

  • Change out the contents of your front closet seasonally and store items you won’t use elsewhere. 
  • Label a container for each family member so that everything stays together. 
  • Swap out seasonal items. 
  • Adding a shoe rack will help keep shoes off the floor. 

Make use of vertical wall storage units.

Consider a built-in closet or some lockers. Lockers keep everyone’s personal belongings in one place. A storage bench is another place that can be used for storage. If you don’t have space for a storage bench or to build larger lockers, add hooks, small cubbies, or shelves to your walls to keep things tidy and off the floor. Install hooks and shelving at varying heights gives little ones the ability to organize their own belongings. This will get them in the habit of cleaning up on their own and they will be accountable for keeping track of their own things. With these solutions, your wall space can be completely dedicated to storing outerwear, gym bags, and backpacks.

Combat wet floors.

Spring weather means a fair bit of rain and mud while the winter months bring in snow and floor-damaging salt. Tracking in water, salt, and dirt from the outdoors means big messes inside your home. It can even be dangerous – especially with younger children or elderly relatives. A good floor mat upon entry will allow them scrap, wipe down shoes or boots. Using boot tray will allow your family and guests to store shoes on those rainy days. HINT: Rubber mats can be washed off very easily and will last indefinitely.

Add storage for additional accessories.

Loose accessories need a home. Baskets or small bins are a great tool for organizing a mudroom. They are perfect placed in a cubby or up on shelves can be used for flip flops or accessories like batting gloves, extra socks, sports wraps, or that extra sleeve of tennis balls you want to keep easily accessible. Label one for each family member so that it will be easy when you are trying to get out the door. 

Now that you know how to organize a mudroom, we hope you’re inspired to make your entryway fit the needs of your family. Once you have the proper accessories, you and your family will love that all your belongings have a place and are easily accessible.

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