When thinking of storing your wine, you might not think of a storage unit. But in fact, our climate-controlled storage can be the ideal space to keep your wine collection safe. You’ve invested money into your wine collection, so you’ll want to keep it safe and store it properly.

The Benefits of Storing Wine

  • Restaurants, catering companies, smaller wineries, wine shops, or other direct sale businesses needing commercial storage units will benefit from storing wine off-site.
  • Wine enthusiasts who might not have a lot of space at home, personal storage units can be a great way to store their wine collections.
  • Letting wine age in a space that’s kept at a consistent temperature is one of the best ways to subtly enrich the flavor of a wine, increasing its value.

Why You Should Use Climate-Controlled Storage

When storing wine, it’s critical that you take advantage of a climate-controlled option. That’s because wines can easily and quickly go bad if they’re not kept in the proper temperature and environment.

  • The temperature in your wine storage space should remain around 55 degrees and should never rise above 75 degrees. Higher temperatures cause wines can begin to oxidize, while temperature fluctuations can result in leaks, and can even push the cork out, ruining the entire bottle. 
  • Humidity levels in your storage space should be kept around 70%. This will prevent the cork from drying out, leading to evaporation and flavor changes. We offer storage that is temperature and humidity controlled.

 How To Properly Store Wine

You’ll get the benefits of storing wine if you’re doing it right.  Here are a few things to keep in mind: 

  • Make sure to avoid direct sunlight and keep your bottles in a dark, dry place. Too much UV light from either the sun or bulbs can easily impact the quality and flavor.
  • Store your wine bottles in a space with a consistent temperature.
  • Store your wine horizontally. This will help slow oxidation of the wine and will keep the cork moist, and prevents sediment from the neck of the bottle.

If you’re planning on drinking a bottle shortly after you purchase it, there’s not much harm in briefly storing it upright. But for all long-term wine storage think about giving us a call and we’ll be happy to show you around. 


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