How Much Can Fit In A 10×15?

One of the more common rentals we offer is the 10×15 storage unit. For the most part, these units are 10 feet wide and 15 feet long. Basically, this equals approximately 150 square feet of storage space. Most units have approximately 8-foot ceilings, which allows for tons of vertical storage space as well.

We’re answering some commonly asked questions regarding this popular storage unit size. If you still have trouble visualizing the space, stop by our office and we will show you around.  

Given the tall ceilings and adequate depth, Our 10×15 units work well for storing the contents of most standard-size homes or full apartments, including items such as big-screen TVs, tables, couches and several medium or large-size boxes. larger furniture pieces should fit inside with relative ease. This storage unit is commonly rented when customers need storage for a move or when small businesses need to store extra inventory.

Some other commonly stored items:

  • Pianos and other large-scale pieces
  • Larger furniture pieces
  • Contents of apartment or smaller home
  • Small business inventory

How much does a 10×15 storage unit cost?

The price of a 10×15 storage unit varies depending on the availability, and other special features offered like climate controlled storage. Not sure if you need climate controlled storage?  Call us and we’d be happy to get an estimate on any of our 10×15 storage units.

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