Hiring a Moving Company vs. Renting a Moving Truck

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Are you thinking about hiring movers to help with your move? You’re not alone. When it comes to something as stressful as moving, hiring help can seem like a smart solution. But, is hiring a mover the best solution for you? In this post, we break down the benefits of hiring movers verse the benefits of a DIY move.

The Benefits of a DIY Move

There are many benefits of doing a DIY move. Below, we’ve listed a few benefits of doing a DIY move as opposed to hiring movers.

1.         Total Control: In our opinion, the greatest pro to a DIY move is the fact that you are in complete control over the entire moving process. Not only do you get to choose the truck and all of your moving supplies, but you also can handle all the boxes yourself to ensure that nothing breaks in the process. Committing to a DIY move means that you have the flexibility to decide when to begin the move and when to end the move. If you’re moving in bad weather, you get to decide how best to protect your belongings. You’re also in control of how to load the truck, and you don’t have to worry about movers dumping boxes and furniture in rooms they don’t belong.

2.         Cheaper: Hiring movers can be expensive. Many movers will either charge hourly rates or quote you half of the move before it happens. When you move yourself, your moving expenses can drastically decrease.

3.         Help: Moving and packing is labor-intensive, so if you decide against hiring a moving company you’ll need some help. This means calling in lots of favors from friends and relatives. If you don’t have too many belongings and nothing particularly valuable or fragile to move your friends might well suffice. If you do have a considerable inventory to transport and some of it is quite valuable or irreplaceable, think twice. Good friends are not necessarily experienced movers and are most always not insured for damages that may incur during a move. If your best friends drop your flat screen TV, will you sue them for compensation? Not likely!

The Benefits of Hiring Movers

There are also many benefits of hiring movers. Below, you will find three benefits of hiring movers as opposed to doing a DIY move.

1.        Movers are Experienced: Hopefully, you have only moved a handful of times. Even though it probably isn’t your first move, unexpected problems always pop up that you will not have had experience with. A moving company can help you’re your move and have dealt with every roadblock out there.

2.        Less Stress: It’s common to rely on the help from family and friends during a move. When you hire movers, you won’t have to ask for much, if any, help from family and friends.

3.        Reduce the Risk of Injury: Movers have been trained on how to avoid injuring themselves during a move. Without the right tools and experience, it would be easy to injure yourself during a move.

Do You have to Move Out of Your Old Home Before the New Home is Ready?

It isn’t uncommon to have to move out of your old home before your new home is ready. So where do you put all of your items until your new home is ready? Whether you chose to do a DIY move or hire movers, a self-storage unit can be a solution for you. Lincoln Self Storage offers long-term or short-term rental solutions. Our storage facility has both standard and storage units that can control the climate ranging in various sizes. Contact us to rent a storage unit today!

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