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People use their garages for all types of things, from protecting their vehicles to using the space as a workshop. Whatever you have in your garage, you might be running out of space to use it the way you want to. Perhaps you want a workspace, but with two cars parked in the garage all the time, that’s not likely to happen any time soon. At Lincoln Self Storage, we can help you find the right storage solution so you can use your garage however you want!

Tools and Supplies

If you like to work out of your garage, either on household projects or on things you can sell, such as tables, cabinets, and other woodwork, then it’s necessary to have plenty of space in which to work. Moving the cars out of the way can be the first step, even if it means parking them in the driveway during the day and putting them back in the garage at night. If you need to store a vehicle you don’t use very often, such as a motorcycle or classic car, we can help you find the ideal spot. This will free up at least part of the garage for carpentry and other projects.

If you’re hoping to add on to your garage to have a separate workshop, but you don’t have anywhere to store your tools and supplies in the meantime, we can help there as well. One of our smaller storage units can be the perfect spot for tool chests, lumber, and anything else you need to keep safe for a month or two while you build your new workspace.

Cars, Trucks and More

For those who own classic cars, motorcycles, ATVs, jet skis, and other recreational vehicles, it’s important to have a safe place to store them. You might have room for them in the garage during the winter, but once summer hits and you want to be out on the road, the trail, or the water, it can be better to have them in a local storage space.

Instead of parking them inside the garage with your everyday vehicles, you can rent an affordable storage unit and keep just the recreational vehicle and any associated supplies in it. No more moving the car or truck out of the way to park the motorcycle or ATV in the garage, and no more looking for the right spot on your property for the jet skis and the trailer you use to haul them. You can rent a unit and know that your recreational vehicles are safe, sound, and accessible at any time. This will also keep your garage free for your everyday vehicles and your desired workspace.

We’ve Got Storage

If you’re hoping to use your garage in a different way this summer, or you simply want to clear out some of the clutter that’s started to accumulate in the space, call us today. We are located near downtown Lincolnton and just minutes away from Hwy 321. You can reserve a unit by phone and then finalize your agreement when you call.

We hope to see you soon!

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