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Renting a storage unit for the first time isn’t as daunting as it may initially seem. In fact, depending upon the self-storage company, it can be quite easy.  Additionally, if you are prepared with some questions and you have done your research, the rental process can be even smoother. Lincoln Self Storage offers a variety of storage options such as standard units, climate controlled storage units, and vehicle storage. Knowing ahead what you want to store, how long you will need to store, and how much space you need to store your items, will make the renting process easier. Check out our top tips below.

Top Tips for Your First Time Renting a Storage Unit

  1. Decide What You Want to Store: We understand things will come up throughout your storage rental, it is good to have an idea of what you are looking to store. The cost of a storage unit will vary with the size of the space you need. Knowing how much you want to store and using our storage unit calculator to help determine the best size for your storage needs.
  2. What Kind of Storage You Need: If you are storing more sensitive items, like leather or wooden furniture, electronics, artwork, documents, and collectibles, it is important to utilize a climate-controlled storage unit. Our climate-controlled storage units are there to protect your belongings from dangerous fluctuations in temperature.
  3. Have the Proper ID: When you rent a storage unit, the storage facility will require certain documents. These documents may include a valid photo ID, current contact information, and valid insurance if you are storing a car, boat, or motorcycle.
  4. Know-How to Pack Your Items: When placing items in your storage unit, organize them so there is an aisle down the middle to the back of the storage unit. This will allow you to navigate the space more efficiently. Place large appliances and electronics towards the back. Put frequently needed items toward the front of the storage unit for easy access. Depending on the length of your rental, it’s always a good idea to check on the items in your storage unit every few months to make sure nothing has shifted in those particularly packed units. That would also be a good time to rotate any seasonal items from the back to the front of the storage unit.
  5. Prepare Your Items for Storage: You are renting the storage unit to keep your items safe. So, it is important to take your time and properly prepare your items for storage before they are moved into the storage unit.
  6. Know What Can and Can Not be Stored: In order to get the most out of your storage unit rental, it is important to know what you can and cannot store inside your space. There are several items that are prohibited from being stored in a stored. Check out our blog on what NOT to store. It is essential to abide by these rules to ensure the safety of you, your contents, other people and the facility.
  7. Understand the Move Out Policy: It is important to understand the move out policy before your rental. We require a 10-day written notice before you move out.

By using these self-storage tips, you will save much frustration when you return to retrieve something from your rental. We’re here to help! Call our friendly, professional staff at 704-735-6364. We can help you choose the right option for all your storage needs.

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