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Every person wants to mark an important event in their life in an amazing way. It can be a wedding, anniversary, or birthday. These occasions have one thing in common — they must be unforgettable. As an event planner, you’re THE person to make that happen. Dealing with events of such importance and grandeur is a daunting task. Your preparedness level must be impeccable. The execution – flawless. Therefore, you need a way to make this demanding process easier. And, by utilizing a self storage unit – you can. It allows you to be organized, simplify logistics, and ensure a great deal of security. Basically, the benefits of self storage for event planners are enormous.

Free Up Space in Your Home

Let’s start with an obvious one. The thing every event planner craves is space and lots of it!. You need somewhere to store chairs, tables, party tents, signs, decorations, assembly stage – the list goes on and on. None of these items comes cheap. It’s a significant investment and something your reputation and livelihood depends upon. As such, it deserves only the best when it comes to storage.

Climate Controlled Storage

Many event planners use all the wonders of technology to ensure their clients have the time of their lives. Dancing lights, video beams, insane sound systems – this is what makes a difference. It’s what separates a mediocre event from the one everyone will talk about for years to come. However, as much as electronics can enhance an event, they can also make your life miserable. Electronic devices can be difficult to store safely. A spike in the heat or cold temperature variations, or constant fluctuations, and they are ruined.  Unless you have a safe, temperature and humidity controlled storage. In that case, you can just leave them there to await the next event. No stress, no worries. Simple as that.

Drive-Up Access

There is a good change that you may have some bulky items that are used for your event services. Props, archways, and candles can take up a lot of space.  Using a storage unit that offers drive- up access will reduce the amount of time spent loading and unloading into and out of your vehicle.

Documents and Files

As an event planner, you are going to have more than just decorations. You are also going to have client invoices and documents to store. You’ll want to make sure these items are stored in a climate-controlled storage unit to avoid any damage to your documents that could occur because of extreme temperature fluctuations. There are many different storage units, and not all of them are suitable for your specific needs.  The best way to prevent damage is to find a storage facility that offers temperature and humidity controlled units.

A facility that is clean and safe is how you will benefit by using storage. One of the greatest dangers to your items is the presence of pests, and therefore, you need to make sure that the facility you work with maintains a high level of cleanliness. Lastly, you want to make sure that your items are safe from theft and damage. Most modern storage facilities are well equipped with security cameras, lighting and proper fencing. We’re your storage solution! Call us at 704-735-6364 or stop by. We’re happy to give you a tour of our state-of-the-art climate control facility and show you some of the many options we offer in s

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