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Christmas is the time of happiness but also can be a time of stress.  We know the struggle of buying the presents we need. From toddler toys to more elaborate gifts for friends and family.  Packing and wrapping the gifts may pose another new set challenge to some, but that could be managed when the kids or extended family members aren’t there. The problem….where to store them?

We came up with some helpful ideas, that we hope you get one over on the littles this year. 

Wrap Them Immediately

Ok, so we know this might not stop them from finding their presents. However, it will ensure that if they do find them, Yes, we know even some of the little risk takers will still unwrap them. If you add this technique with some of our tips below, (hopefully) you’ll ensure that not only do they not find the hideaway in which you’ve stored those gifts, but that you avoid the mad dash to wrap them on Christmas Eve. 

Try to Avoid Hiding in Obvious Places

Under your bed just isn’t good enough.  You are basically inviting your kids to find them. Your wardrobe isn’t a particularly safe bet, either. If you really want to make it hard for your kids to fund where you’ve got their present in storage, then avoid the stereotypical places. 

Make the Most of Empty Spaces

If you have a kitchen cabinet that’s awkward to get to and maybe the kids can’t reach it, this can an excellent spot for hiding presents. Cleaning supply cabinets are great places too! Only the most vivacious will think to look amongst the duster, carpet cleaner and leather polish. Try storing your presents in one of these places. Our guess is that they won’t get found. 

Leave False Trails

Nothing will be more discouraging to a young treasure hunter than thinking they’ve found the stash, only to realize that it’s an empty box (giggle). By putting some paper and boxes in the usual places- such as under the bed, maybe even your sock drawer- you give the kids the fun of their hunt for presents, while at the same time, protecting the real spots for those goodies. Who knows, if they find enough fakes, they may give up. 

Get Them Out of The House

If you’ve already tried and tested the ideas above and they’ve been found, then it’s time to get the presents out of the house. Give yourself some time to think about storing in a self-storage facility. Here at Lincoln Self Storage, we have 24/7 computerized gate access, video surveillance. We can provide a space to make sure that you, and only you, will be finding the presents before the big day! Call us today, who knows…you may even a place to store all those Christmas decorations too!

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