DIY Concrete Pumpkins

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And just like that, fall is here! So, the pumpkin decorating season can officially begin!  Let’s make a super easy and budget friendly autumn decor – concrete pumpkins!!  These can be created in any size and can stay indoors or out – plus unlike real ones can be reused.

– Ready mixed concrete
– Gloves
– Bucket
– Tights
– String
– Scissors
– A bit of rope or few sticks glue.

1 – Mix concrete as directed on a packaging – You can play around with texture. Adding less water so the mixture is a bit thicker is better.

2 (option 1) load the concrete into a tight leg that’s cut off – as much as you like. You can do random sizes and tie it in – “bounce the concrete on the ground. This gives it a bigger chance of having a smooth finish.

(option 2) – if you want to put the rope or a stick into the pumpkin without having to glue it in at the end – now is when you add your pumpkin stem. Get your rope or stick and push it into the top – you can get creative and have all sorts of shapes and sizes.

3 – Now it’s the time to shape your pumpkins – to create a shape you will need 4 or more pieces of string. Start tying it all round. Your strings should look pizza shapes (wider at bottom and narrow at top).

4 – Let dry for 24 hours. Once 24h roughly passed, it is time to untie your pumpkins. It is much easier for the string to be cut from the bottom of the pumpkin – the concrete will most likely still not be fully set so please take care when cutting and removing the string.

5 – Once the string is removed, cut the tight knot and start removing it so you can see your beautiful made concrete pumpkin.

6 – Get creative! Play around and paint some or leave them plain. Some store-bought moss glued at the top would be adorable.

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