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Preparing For Unexpected Guest

We all love having friends and family come to visit, and when they’re going to be staying for several days, they usually give you enough

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End Of Summer Tips

Just like during the spring, the fall is a great time for reorganizing & cleaning your home! It’s time to store away the summer clothes,

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Keeping Sentimental Items

We all have items that hold sentimental value, whether it’s Grandma’s china or a toy from your childhood. It’s hard to let go of these

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Summer Moving Tips

Statistical data show that for millions of Americans, summer is the best time to move to a new home: kids are out of school, the

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How To Store Your Wedding Dress

A wedding dress is one of the most sentimental purchases a woman makes in her life. Now that you’ve walked down the aisle and danced the night away, you

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Storing Your Couch

One of the most common household items is your couch. They’re in most living rooms across the country and around the world. In a variety

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