Benefits of Moving in the Winter

Believe it or not, there are several benefits to moving in the winter. While summer is a popular time for a move due to nice weather and school schedules, there are several reasons why people choose to move during the winter. Discover a few reasons why, along with some tips to make your winter move go smoothly.

Advantages of Moving During the Winter

You can save money. Since most people move in the spring and summer, your moving expenses could be much lower. Winter is considered the slow season when it comes to real estate, so if you’re buying a home, you have a better chance of negotiating pricing. Additionally, moving companies cut their prices during the offseason. Therefore, if you’re using a professional moving company, you should have no trouble scheduling the exact time and day you’d like for your move.

Winter Moving Tips

Get help: If you’re unable to get professional movers, recruit your friends and family to help with the move. Don’t try it alone. Dress in layers: If the temperatures are dropping, you’ll want to protect your skin against the cold. If you start to sweat or get hot, you can always remove a layer to keep yourself comfortable.

Protect your furniture: Consider wrapping your furniture for transport, especially if rain or snow is in the forecast for your moving day. The wrap will protect it from moisture as well as any scratches or damage.

Plan for the darkness: In the winter, we experience less daylight hours – something to think about as your schedule your move. With fewer hours of sun, you may have to split your move into more than one day so you’re not loading clothes and furniture after the sun goes down.

Drive carefully: If it’s below freezing in your area, be careful with navigating slippery roads. Even the most seasoned drivers can be challenged by icy streets.

No matter which season you relocate, renting a storage unit should be high on your moving checklist. Whether you just need a place to store items for a few months while you get settled, or if you need a long-term space to put your stuff – a storage unit rental is the perfect solution. If you opt for a winter move, you’ll want to seek out climate-controlled units so you won’t risk damage to your belongings from the cold or moisture.

Reserve your storage unit rental well ahead of your move so that you have plenty of wiggle room before the big day!

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