6 Spring Cleaning Tips

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Regardless of the weather outside, spring is upon us – and spring is synonymous with fresh starts. It’s time to get rid of those winter blues. So let’s get started with these 6 spring cleaning tips that will have your home in tip-top shape in no time.

1. Get rid of clutter.

Before you start preparing, get rid of items that are needlessly filling up your home. Step number one: Tackle those unwanted items.

Clothing: Toss the heavy outerwear and winter boots for lighter clothing and accessories. For clothes you will no longer need during spring, consider donating them to a local charity or placing them into seasonal storage.

Linens and décor: We recommend putting away heavier bedding and seasonal décor to help declutter and rid your home of the winter feel. Spring should be all about celebrating the sunshine.

2. Swap out seasonal gear.

Over the winter months, garages and basements become popular storage areas for grills, lawn mowers, sports equipment and patio furniture. With nice weather around the corner, it’s time to spruce up your curb appeal and get your garage back into shape.

Garage: Perhaps your garage has a area in one corner or a workshop in another. Now is the time to decide where you want to place those items and how you will organize them.

Welcome spring: Once you’ve decided on designated areas, it’s time to clean up and place your lawn mower, grill, patio furniture, gardening tools and other spring items back where they belong.

3. Time to clean: It’s a great time to rid your home of dirt, dust and other allergens and make it a refreshing atmosphere.

Wash curtains, windows, fixtures and other items that may often get ignored. Dust

down and wash any blinds, floorboards, window sills and corners. Great tip- Vacuum and flip your mattress over to provide even wear.

4. Maximize home storage.

As you begin spring cleaning, consider the space you already have in your home that you may not be taking advantage of. This will allow you to create (and keep) an organized space.

Open Shelving: As you clean your kitchen, bathroom, office spaces and more, look for existing spaces along the wall that may come in handy. Open wall shelves can create a light, refreshing look .You can keep your home organized, functional and bright – all while saving you space.

Think vertical: Use stackable storage and modular units for bedrooms and closet spaces.

Transform dead space into useable storage with shelves and baskets that can house everyday essentials. Maximize your space.

5. Make cleaning a routine. You might be surprised to find that we should be dusting and vacuuming every few days. We suggest staying on top of a cleaning schedule to help keep your home organized.

You’ll find yourself more relaxed and balanced when you are living in a tidy space. As we do in every part of life, we create a checklist for household tasks to keep the home looking beautiful and clean every day.

The more often you tackle chores like laundry, dusting and vacuuming, the less often you’ll have to do a thorough, tough clean.

6. Consider self storage: For seasonal belongings, oversized items, or accessories you haven’t yet found a home for, renting a storage unit can be a space-saving and easy way to store your things. For fragile items like wood, antiques or furniture, consider a climate controlled unit. It keeps items constant environment (temperatures between 55°F and 85°F). To ensure, our units are enclosed and, therefore, resist dust, pests and more.

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